Who Needs Alcoholism Rehab Centers?

Alan says, “Wow, did I get hammered last night. But hey, it was my birthday.” Bob says, “I always pound a few six-packs while I’m watching the games. But I only drink beer, not hard liquor.” Carol says,” I really enjoy going to happy hour after work every day. It relaxes me. And I can control it. I never have more than two martinis.” None of these people consider themselves alcoholics, but perhaps they should ask themselves a few hard questions. Does Alan get drunk more than once a year? How often? Does Bob realize that one beer is the equivalent of one shot of hard liquor? Does Carol know that a safe limit for women is fewer than seven drinks a week? A martini is generally a double shot, so if she’s going every work day, she’s drinking ten drinks a week, not counting anything else she might have after happy hour or on the weekend. And if any of them drove after drinking, they could be responsible for their own death or someone else’s. Chances are that if you’re reading these pages, you know you (or someone you care about) would benefit by going to one of the many alcoholism rehab centers we list for you. The time for denial is past. If you’re asking yourself whether you might be an alcoholic, you probably are.

Use Our Resources to Find Alcoholism Rehab Centers

At SoberRecovery.com, we have compiled a list of reputable alcohol rehab centers for you to use. We have also provided filters so that you can narrow down the choices. You can filter by location, by a particular type of client (such as adolescents or women only), or by the therapeutic approach (twelve-step, holistic, etc.) We offer these resources to help you do what you need to do to regain control of your life.