An Alcoholism Treatment & Alcohol Detox Center

Some rehabs can cost upwards of $50,000 for a single stay. New Method Wellness, however, is an affordable alcoholism treatment center because we don’t want money to be an obstacle between you and wellness. Our alcoholism treatment programs include inpatient and outpatient recovery options. If you choose the outpatient program, you can continue to work at your job and maintain family or social obligations while you receive treatment. This is our most affordable alcoholism treatment program, and it’s also one of our most popular amongst executives and professionals.

Alcohol Detox Has Some Serious Symptoms

For late-stage and severe alcoholics, alcohol detox is a serious health undertaking with some potentially harmful side effects, including the possibility of stroke and cardiovascular complications. Intense audio and visual hallucinations are coupled with tremors and shaking, a painful process known as delirium tremens. Alcohol is a strong depressant of the central nervous system, one that an alcoholic’s body has come to rely upon for normal functioning. So, when you immediately withdraw from alcohol during alcohol detox, there are serious health consequences that need to be monitored by doctors to ensure your safety and well-being. That’s why our well-equipped alcohol detox center is filled with medical professionals.

New Method Wellness’ Advanced Alcohol Detox Center

At New Method Wellness, our alcohol detox center has helped hundreds of patients through alcohol detox in a safe and effective manner. In our alcohol detox center, our patients cleanse their bodies of the harmful effects of alcohol and alcoholism. The New Method Wellness alcohol detox center offers traditional alcohol detox, which requires about a week, and a rapid detox option which uses physician-administered medication to lessen the severity and duration of any symptoms. Once our patients finish their course at the alcohol detox center, it’s time for their road to recovery to begin.