Suffering from drug dependency can be a difficult and debilitating experience. Individuals who are in this situation may not have been fully aware of the scope and seriousness of their problem, and may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to solve it. Fortunately, individuals who want to end their substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction problems do not have to try to do it alone. There are many different ways of getting help with these kinds of problems. Alcoholism treatment is one such therapeutic method. While it may seem obvious to say so, different kinds of therapy are effective for different kinds of problems; therefore, it is important for the individual who is seeking to end a substance abuse problem to find the right kind of therapy. Alcoholism treatment is appropriate for those who are seeking to end a problem related to this particular substance. Focusing in on the unique issues that arise with the abuse of this particular substance makes the therapy all the more effective. Knowing they are in a program that is geared specifically towards them and their problems may make the therapy all the more effective for those struggling with their substance abuse problem. Another key to the success of substance abuse therapy is finding the right match between the kind of therapy and the person who is seeking it. Alcoholism rehab is specific to that particular substance, but it comes in many different forms. For example, it is available through group counseling sessions, and it is also available through one-on-one therapy sessions. Which is more effective will depend on the individual seeking therapy. Successful progress towards sobriety is much more likely once the right combination is found. There are, now more than ever, reason to hope that individuals suffering from substance abuse can overcome their problems and lead happier, more productive lives. Alcoholism treatment is a doorway that can lead to this kind of improved lifestyle. With the help of appropriate alcoholism treatment, committed individuals can and often do pass through the trials of substance abuse. Living lives of sobriety should prove amble reward for their efforts.