There are a number of challenges and fears of a complete treatment for any kind of physical addiction, whether it is alcohol or any other substance abuse. Research at alcoholism treatment centers to find out new and innovative ways for the treatment of alcoholism has given way to holistic methods of treating alcohol dependence. These approaches mainly try to understand how the chemical addiction affects the functioning of the mind and the spiritual being of a person in accordance with his body. Holistic treatment of addiction encompasses the use of various kinds of unconventional methods like acupuncture, massage, yoga, nutrition as well as power work out. In some cases even Ayurveda and homeopathy are used to treat chronic cases of alcohol abuse. Holistic approach is to consider the body and the mind as one and to treat the two together. Ways to Achieve a Holistic Treatment: In order to avoid the side effects produced by alcohol in the first place and secondly by medication many alcoholism treatment centers are finding it best to approach a holistic method of treatment that will try to stay as natural in its methods as possible. The following are of some of the things that can be done in order to achieve a holistic treatment: •    Find a counselor who specializes in treatment of addiction by a holistic approach and then talk to him about the problems ailing you or your family member or friend. When you find it difficult to find anyone practicing a holistic approach to treatment then you can seek help from non-profit organizations specializing on natural food habits etc to help you out. You can also look in online communities and blogs for your kind of treatment. •    Find out in detail about the process of acupuncture. Ask yourself or your family member if it is feasible to undergo a treatment through this method. You can also go and visit an acupuncture specialist and talk to him regarding your signs of dependence. Acupuncture as a method of treatment is gaining prominence in the East as well as the West. However acupuncture is considered a supplement to the course. •    You can enroll for a Christian rehabilitation program which will be completely faith based. There are many approaches to spirituality. People who are otherwise uncomfortable about a strict religious practice may welcome guidance from some spiritual source in times of their distress in dealing with alcoholism. The purpose here is not the propagation of any one kind of religion but the recovery of the addict from the darkness of alcoholism through strength in the healing powers of God. •    It is highly important to stay fit physically by way of practicing some form of exercise or yoga. Yoga strengthens the mind and the body. A fit body will become able to endure the difficulties and side effects caused by alcoholism and its medical treatment. •    Eating a balanced diet and having nutritional elements is primary to an overall treatment of alcoholism. It will be difficult to find alcoholism treatment centers that will have all of the above approaches, but you should locate one which has at least some of the above mentioned ways incorporated in their treatment process. Courtesy of: Transformations Treatment Center