If a person who is suffering from substance use, abuse, dependency, or even addiction makes the decision to end their current lifestyle choices and pursue sobriety, they often need help. Persons who have been substance abusers may have good intentions, but may not have the means or even know the best way to stop their own substance abuse. These people should seek professional help in the form of alcoholism treatment. It is one of the best therapeutic methods available to substance abusers who want to change their lives for the better. Alcoholism treatment is available in a number of different settings, and comes in a number of different forms. One of the most typical examples of this kind of therapy is outpatient group therapy. In this kind of therapy, individuals who are suffering from substance abuse but are trying to change their ways meet, often with a trained, professional moderator, and discuss their experiences, difficulties, and their successes along the road to sobriety. Another therapeutic method that is available is one-on-one therapy, which may be more helpful for some personality types. Once the individual suffering from drug use decides on the kind of alcoholism treatment they prefer, it is important that they make every effort to follow the therapeutic suggestions given. While these kinds of therapy are very effective on their own, they are much more so if the substance abuser is dedicated to his or her alcohol recovery. Combing substance abuse therapy with a determination to succeed is the best possible means of achieving good results, namely, lasting and rewarding sobriety. Alcoholism treatment can be an incredibly rewarding experience for people who have been suffering from dependency. It can show them their own potential and power. Alcoholism treatment can be a catalyst for positive change in all aspects of a substance abuser’s life, and should be used to the fullest extent possible. Breaking the cycle of substance use, abuse, dependency, and addiction through therapy and personal dedication can be one of the most important things an individual does for him or herself.