There are many alcoholism treatment options to pick from when you have an alcohol addiction and need to find a method that is going to work for you. Let’s take a look at few examples of good treatment options. One of these may even be a good option for you.

90-Day Alcohol Treatment:

This is what you need if your problem is so severe, you can’t control your desire to drink. Alcohol rehabs can offer this to you as a way to detox successfully and start the recovery process. You will be in a “lock down” state. You will have no access to alcohol and in some cases, you may not be able to have much contact with the outside world during some of this treatment. However, if you are a severe alcoholic, it may be the best thing for you.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment:

This is for someone who can abstain from drinking while they go through treatment. You will only enter the facility when it comes time for scheduled treatment sessions with a professional. This also may be the next step down after someone has completed an inpatient stay at a facility.

AA Meetings

: Programs like AA can help you if you can abstain from drinking during treatment, and looking through some of the other alcoholism treatment programs, this one has a pretty good level of success. Millions of people each year enroll into programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and leave the program after completing their 12 steps and walk into a world of sobriety. Now, the 12 step program may not be the best method of treatment. If you’re really concerned about picking the best recovery plan, talk to a professional. Contact you health care professional or call a rehabilitation center in your area to talk about what options may be the best for you.