Have you tried cocaine? If so do you find yourself "trying" it more often to the point that you are wondering if you might be a cocaine addict? The fact of the matter is that cocaine is one of the most dangerous and, sometimes, deadly of all the street drugs. If you think that you might have a problem with this drug it is important that you get honest with yourself and makes plan to address the issue before things get out of control. Am I a Cocaine Addict Every year in the United States there are thousands of cocaine related deaths. All of these deaths could have been avoided if the drug abusers sought treatment before it was too late. Additionally, there are also thousands of individuals in federal prisons as a result of their cocaine abuse. The fact of the matter is that cocaine is a dangerous drug with the potential to ruin lives. The following question can help you determine if you are a cocaine addict and, if you are, provide you with direction on how to get help. The first issue that cocaine abusers must face is one of consequences. Have you faced legal, financial, professional or health consequences because of your drug abuse? Have you continued to use in spite of these consequences and the negative effects that this drug has had on your life? You see consequences define addiction. A person who is not an addict will stop using drug when they start to face unwanted consequences as a result of their use. However an addict, a person with a true cocaine problem, will continue to abuse the drug in spite of the consequences because they do not know how to stop. If you or someone you know continues to use cocaine in the face of serious consequences it is likely that you are a cocaine addict in need of treatment. The good news is that treatment works and thousands of people leave cocaine behind every year and go on to have healthy, happy, drug-free lives. The next step if you believe that you are suffering from addiction is to locate a drug rehab center in your area that deals with cocaine addiction or to find a local meeting of cocaine anonymous or alcoholics anonymous. There you will begin to learn the coping strategies that will allow you to put your addiction issues behind you.