Do I Really need to be in an Addiction Center?

Residential care in an addiction center is appropriate for patients requiring chemical dependency treatment and clients prone to relapse. This level of enhanced residential drug rehab treatment and care can involve the use of solution oriented traditional psychotherapy (group and individual), hypnotherapy, yoga, exercise, nutritional counseling, massage, recreational opportunities, relapse prevention education and drug rehabilitation therapy, and 12 Step Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs. It is both intensive and extensive in the number of client contact hours, the issues covered and the drug addiction and drug treatment solutions generated.

What Happens After My Stay in a Drug Treatment Program?

A good drug treatment program will offer extended care along with and after you leave residential care. Extended care refers to treatment of the chronic aspect of drug addiction and drug dependence. Extended care may be a combination of drug addiction treatment programs designed to specifically address the needs of each individual client. Alcohol and drug dependence and other addictive disorders including chemical dependence often require long term care and follow up.

What Is Involved In Outpatient Drug Rehab?

In many rehabilitation programs, outpatient drug rehab gives the resident more freedom to become employed in the community and develop a strong outside support network, while still providing a sage, supportive environment. Ongoing treatment is a part of any outpatient program and most programs are designed for patients who are stable, but at a high risk for relapse. Emphasis is placed on continued recovery and ongoing stabilization.