Choose An Alcoholism Treatment Program That Fits Your Needs

Alcohol abuse among women carries with it a whole range of problems and issues that aren’t of particular concern to alcoholic men. They include safety concerns, reproductive issues and general health dangers. These issues, of course, are not substituted for the other dangers of alcoholism, but added to them. Finding effective alcoholism treatment for women is a special priority. Especially considering the types of special issues that women can encounter in early recovery, it is of particular importance that they seek help at an addiction treatment center that is suited to their special needs.

An Addiction Treatment Center That Caters To The Special Needs Of Women

During the first 30 days of treatment, women need to learn about how their health has been impacted by drugs and alcohol and how healthy foods provide the nutrients their bodies need. In the second phase of treatment, clients are gradually given more freedom to live independently, re-join the broader community, and test their new skills. An addiction treatment center is well-suited for clients to continue on in step-down levels of care, including extended care, outpatient care, and transitional college and work programs.

Some Women May Require Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detoxification--or detox--is a painful experience that alcoholics attempting to quit the substance must go through before they begin the process of recovery. Severe alcoholics are physically dependent on alcohol--they need to drink--and if they cease immediately, they incur the devastating symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, which can be life-threatening without supervision. For women going through alcohol detox this can be especially difficult. If you or a loved one is seeking help recovering from alcoholism, you should seek the help of an addiction medicine specialist at a qualified alcohol addiction treatment center.