Measures into Sexual Addiction Recovery

[spacer size="20"] Admit you cannot overcome this on your own An Addicts Measures into Sexual Addiction Recovery addiction treatment always begins here. If you could overcome this on your own you already would have. Resist the temptation toward prideful belief that you can try harder, do more, or do differently and recover. If you have tried to control your undesirable sexual activity in the past and failed, admit you need help. Say it out loud to yourself in the mirror, admit it face-to-face to a trustworthy and safe person. This is often the scariest step of addiction treatment, but it is one you will have to continually revisit. Find a counselor to help with your recovery Often a completely confidential relationship that counseling offers is the best entry point to addiction treatment for sexual addicts. The fear of trying to find a recovery group, and the shame of heading into a room reserved for such a meeting serves a high barrier to many. Start with a one-on-one relationship with a counselor. Counseling is a totally normal phenomenon people pursue for everything from anger to insecurity to more serious issues. Search for a licensed counselor in your area and ask them if they are experience in sexual addiction treatment. Commit to honesty and transparency with a few You do not have to, and should not, air your dirty laundry with just any body in your life. Not everyone is a safe person to share your addiction treatment efforts with. Be discerning. However, you will need a few people to whom you can turn at any time for help in your recovery process. Since addiction is fueled by shame, secrecy, and deception its greatest cure is understanding, open, and honest communication in loving safe community. Consider writing and signing a contract of honesty with one or two people. Include your counselor if she or he deems it helpful for your addiction treatment. Establish a clean house Your house needs to be a safe place for you to dwell, relatively free of dangerous triggers. Get rid of any explicit material, place protective software on your computers, and eliminate any previously addictive channels on your TV provider as part of your addiction treatment. You cannot eliminate all triggers from your life. However, these things are like an alcoholic keeping vodka under the sink. Recovery just won't work that way. Draw up a list of behavioral boundaries These will have to be continually adjusted as you progress in your recovery and addiction treatment. However, the idea is to stop doing those activities which immediately precede compulsive behavior for you and are part of a ritual you pursue as part of the addictive behavior. Consider joining a recovery group The freedom of sharing with others who understand, sharing successes and disappointments, and maintaining a scheduled time for dealing with your recovery is a powerful tool. Follow the guidance of a counselor as to the kind of group that will best help your particular struggles and consider combining group therapy, individual therapy with medicinal therapy as parts of your addiction treatment. Congratulations on the courage you are showing by even reading this article!