It is a general thing to listen that parents want their kids make what parents couldn’t make. This phrase includes various sorts of situations. Some parents want their kids to be the best at something. For example, they want their kids to become best football player, best musician, the best doctor, the best lawyer, etc, and they simply forgot about their children’s feelings. Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, new services are appearing all along the net. Perhaps you never hear about that, but in the last years the online counseling and online therapy has became very popular between therapists and patients. This kind of professional assistance is meant to solve this, and a lot more, kind of problems. It can give you another perspective, another point of view, of this situation. The usual demands that online counselors receive are people who just want to have a professional point of view over an issue that are concerning them Some people might feel that online therapy is not for them. What I can recommend you is just to try, you have nothing to loose since you will not have to move from your office or home and is much cheaper than the traditional therapy. On top of all these strong points, what I think is essential in the results we get when working online is the strength of the writing process. When one has the time to think about what is going on inside him/her, it gives a different perspective of us. The most important thing here is to take online counseling as a regular treatment. After certain period of time, people could be able to find an enormous increase in their self-respect. You shouldn’t rush into it without getting good advice in which kind of service is healthier for you. Today you can choose between e-mail, chat, telephone and video conference services.