Have you ever felt like your mailbox has become a bill deposit receptacle? Has your calculator been running low making endless equations trying to figure out how to pay all your debts? Have you started attending SA (Spendaholic Anonymous) meetings? Have you unplugged your telephone just to avoid collection agency calls? Are you tired and embarrassed of receiving bills with the words PAST DUE typed in large red letters big enough for all your neighbors to see? If you have experienced all these situations, plus paranoia, insomnia and everything else that comes along with debt, perhaps it's time to consider a program that can help you break free from the chains of deficit. Once you've realized your falling behind on your payments and your loans are becoming more difficult to pay back, it's time to clean out your drawers and start managing your income. Debt management or debt consolidation, as others may call it, is the possibility of combining all debts onto a solely monthly payment. This is a helpful solution to arranging your debts into one payment to cover all your creditors. It will simplify the horrific checkbook drama of bounced checks or checking accounts with insufficient funds. Debtors with financial dilemmas run into the arms of debt management companies to be rescued and act as the subordinates between them and the creditors. What are they seeking? An adjustable monthly fee and lower interest rates. Lower interest rates are perhaps the winning streak everyone looks for when they consider debt management. It can put money back into your bank account and get you right back in the race. Debt management furnishers understand the difficulties of living stress free due to debt. It doesn't matter what kind of loan you have your signature on. Whether it is a medical bill or car loan, the substantial obligation of paying back that loan can be mind bottling! These professionals and their services offer a package full of designed preparations to help make single monthly payment arrangements to all your owing creditors. All payments will be made before the first due date notification. You can scratch off your late fee list and expect lower interest rates. Even though there are arrays of services, it's always best to get the advice of a professional debt management agency or consultant to discuss the payment goals you wish to reach through debt management. There are Reduction programs for debtors with accumulated interests rates on their repayment plans, settlement arrangements to eliminate late fee charges and credit fixer uppers for those who have a stockpile of past due invoices on their credit card purchases. Even these services come along with a fee. However, there are Non lucrative organizations to help assist you for a minimal no obligation fee or some agencies get cash back for their services from your creditors. Debt management agencies can offer two types of simplification loans. One of these is Home equity offered to the individual who recently became unemployed or underwent a divorce. The interest rate can run between 9-12%. Even though it sounds like a pretty good deal, your 2 story home can suddenly turn into a 4 sided box carton considering that your home is posted as collateral. Ouch! Not a comfort zone when the weather turns ugly. Then there are Personal Lending Loans which come along with higher interest rates running between 12-15% due to the fact that banks are taking a huge risk because you haven't provided and collateral. Sometimes the overwhelming aspirin addicted debtor seeks help in dead end streets finding no alternatives to his debt misery. He ends up with some sceemy preposition promising definite answers to handling his debt. Unfortunately the debtor ends up more confused and growing in debt by the minute. There are misleading companies who only offer fibs and immerse you in your debt hole. It's important to seek professionals who are truthfully willing to ensure you and your family recuperate your glorious shopping days.