Assign Between-Session Exercises

The counselor gives the client the Quit Agreement (form 1C) and asks the client to bring the completed form to the next session. The counselor explains that the agreement summarizes

1. The client’s date for quitting marijuana use

2. The client’s reasons for seeking to change

3. Strategies that the client will use.

The counselor also asks the client to review Learning New Coping Strategies (form 1A) and A Guide to Quitting Marijuana (form 1B) several times before the next session.

Ask Client To Invite a Supporter to Next Session

People who are trying to overcome an addiction can benefit greatly from the support of a close relative or friend. The counselor asks the client to invite someone to attend the next session and to think carefully about the pros and cons of particular people to invite. For example, a friend who is dependent on another drug or alcohol is not a good prospect. Factors to consider include closeness to the client, emotional characteristics of the relationship, emotional availability of the supporter regarding the client’s desire to quit marijuana use, substance use by the supporter, and accessibility during times of stress. The ideal person would be someone who is a good listener, cares about the client, and is interested in providing support. This person will be asked to sign the Supporter Agreement at session 2.

Review and Conclude Session

The counselor reviews the content of the session, asks the client for feedback, responds empathically to his or her comments, troubleshoots any difficulties, and reminds the client to review the handouts over the next week.