As it is usually characterized by an immense feeling of mood-swings, sadness, low-self confidence, assisting someone going through depression is indeed a task that cannot be carried out simply. Nonetheless, it is safe to say the comforting news is you are perhaps the stronger one in this scenario and are thus better equipped to help someone who may be depressed. Based on this realization, here are some tips that you could implement to assist someone who may be going through this emotional encumbrance. 1. Cultivate physical closeness with the person. 2. If the person is acutely suicidal, do not leave him or her alone. 3. Try not to patronize them by simply telling them that "everything will be fine,” or that “they have everything to live for. 4. Stay in contact with them. 5. Help them to feel good about themselves by praising daily achievements. Though this is not the complete list of how-to’s in regards to assisting someone going through a trying phase of depression, in addition to the factors above, if you are of a spiritual inclination, this will be a good time to pray and ask the Divine for assistance with assisting someone going through depression, this of course is best done according to the framework of your faith. It’s also of a very wise tendency to look into receiving expert help for this friend, be it through conventional methods together with the use of therapists and/or psychiatrists. It will be very useful the sufferer and it really give back their lives.