Life After A Rehabilitation Center Can Be Daunting

Many recovering alcoholics and addicts currently attending a rehabilitation center are probably worried about what will happen when they leave their rehab and re-enter the “real world.” These fears aren’t unfounded; many people relapse after they leave a rehabilitation center, even though they may know their triggers and patterns. The reason is that they are reintegrating into a world that they previously only knew with the help of drugs and alcohol. Stripped of their old coping mechanisms for life, only those recovering addicts who worked diligently during rehab to form new coping skills are likely to succeed and remain clean and sober.

An Orange County Sober Living Home Protects Against Relapse

Another option that exists for newly recovering alcoholics and addicts is a sober living home. While some addicts will be eager to return to their homes with their families, for many the idea of going back to their old locales is a dangerous threat to their recovery. These people might live with their dealers, or their wives are unsupportive of their decisions to get sober. For whatever the reason, it is not smart for these newly recovering addicts to stroll right back into their old lives, because their old lives were filled with addiction.

An Orange County Sober Living With Results

Our two affiliated Orange County sober living homes provide the ongoing transitional support these recovering addicts require. The counselors at our rehabilitation center will work with the patients to see if a sober living home might be beneficial to their situation. If so, we’ll search for openings at our affiliated men’s and women’s Orange County sober living homes.  The supportive and therapeutic atmosphere of a sober living home helps with the transition back to one’s professional, social and family life.