Your child is experiencing bodily changes that may become a major trouble later on if not treated early in life right from the time when your child starts showing the signs of changes in his/her emotional well-being particularly related to his/her body image. Dr. Susan Mendelsohn, a clinical psychologist from Florida suggests the following activities to assist you in giving your child positive reinforcement.Educate your child about the genetic differences in body types and the nature of prejudice; avoid placing judgments upon people who do not meet your standards for beauty. Refrain from giving critical comments like, "You’ll look more beautiful if you lose some pounds," or "Don't eat so much. It will make you fat.” Discuss with your child the dangers of trying to alter body shape through dieting. Emphasize the value of choosing the right kinds of food and moderate exercise for stamina and cardiovascular fitness; avoid labeling foods as "good" or "bad" and "low-fat" or "fattening".

Avoid Eating Disorders in Your Kids by Monitoring their Diet

Be a good role model in regard to sensible eating, sensible exercising and self-acceptance; Help your child develop appreciation for others - especially women - for who they are and what they do and not for what they look like or how they dress up; Do not limit your child's caloric intake unless a physician has instructed you to do so. Children need a variety of foods including fats, protein and carbohydrates for their growth and body maintenance; allow your child to be active and to enjoy what they do and feel. Encourage them to exercise for their health rather than their weight. Give boys and girls the same encouragement and opportunities. Make sure their household responsibilities are divided evenly without establishing stereotypical rules for male or female activities; promote your child's self-esteem and self-respect in every aspect of their being, including intellectual, athletic and social endeavors; You can have a close and intimate relationship with your child if you follow this list of guidelines that will not only help you to solve your child's eating disorder.