The best drug treatment centers provide rehabilitation services for drug addiction, alcoholism, and also occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders known as dual diagnosis. Finding the best drug treatment center for an addict’s specific issues can be an intimidating task.

It is recommended that you check first with your primary care physician to find the best drug treatment for your addiction. If you do not have a medical doctor, a lot of information about drug treatment and addiction recovery programs exists on the Internet, but the Internet is often difficult to navigate to find the information specific to your addiction and symptoms. offers an unbiased listing of some of the best drug treatment options in your area, nationwide and in Canada. is the one place where drug addicts, alcoholics, people with eating disorders and dual diagnosis sufferers, and their family members and loved ones, may meet online to share their experiences, strength, and hope, and let other families know about their experiences with addiction treatment centers specifically. offers the Best Drug Treatment options is an Internet addiction recovery community that contains a directory of treatment centers, with forums for addicts, blogs, chat rooms, and a comprehensive directory of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation centers worldwide. offers outlets for men, women, and children each individually or in group settings. We also offer treatment options for gay and lesbian addicts or alcoholics.

“People do recover, every single day. From alcoholism and drug addiction, dual diagnosis, abuse and trauma, overeating, gambling, codependency and more, people do get better. They rarely do it alone. If help is what you seek, we hope you'll find it here...”