In this competitive day and age, some people are willing to go to great lengths to gain and advantage over their perceived rivals. This competitiveness can take many forms. Some may take the route of using substances to enhance their performance of the task at hand. This is perhaps most mildly expressed in the prevalence of caffeine use. In other arenas, however, the performance-enhancing substance can be far more dangerous. One prime example of this is the rash of steroid addiction that has broken out in various circles, most notably among professional and student athletes. Steroid addiction is a relatively new problem. These kinds of drugs have only recently become widely available. Their use quickly became commonplace, adding to the difficulty in identifying this as a problem. When the use of a substance is generally accepted by peers and by society at large, it is easier to deny that a problem exists. It is only recently that the negative side effects of this kind of drug abuse have been identified. Fortunately, however, the increased awareness of the problems associated with steroid addiction has lead to a concurrent increase in treatment options. While drug and alcohol treatment has long been available to those suffering from the negative effects of alcohol and different kinds of drugs, it is only now that treatment aimed at those using performance-enhancing drugs has become available. This kind of specialized treatment is necessary because those abusing this kind of drug do not fit the usual profile of a drug or alcohol abuser. They are generally very good at hiding their drug problem, to the extent that they themselves may not even be aware that they have a problem. Once a steroid addiction has been acknowledged, and a person is willing to seek treatment, they should be sure to find a facility that is geared specifically towards dealing with steroid addiction. This kind of focused treatment has the best chance of reaching and changing the behavior of people who are using this kind of drug. With the proper treatment, those who find themselves caught in the trap of drug abuse can have hope that they will be able to return to their previous lives.