California drug rehab can be an effective means of dealing with the problems associated with substance use, abuse, dependency, or even addiction. A person who finds him or her caught in the cycle of use and abuse, and who may be on the verge of dependency, can reverse the trend. This is often more than one individual can do alone, however, and persons who were users are usually not able to sustain the choice of sobriety without some outside assistance. This is where treatment can make the difference between success and failure in the search for sobriety. Rehab treatment centers are readily available throughout the country. California drug rehab offers treatment options for those who live here, or for those who travel here to take advantage of this kind of help. These treatment facilities offer many different options for fighting and overcoming the problems of substance use, abuse, dependency, and addiction. It is important to choose the right kind of treatment for yourself or for the person you are trying to help. If you don’t find the right program at first, be sure to keep looking, as there are many different treatment choices available. One thing to consider when choosing a California drug rehab program is the amount of time one can devote to their recovery from substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. If an individual is able to attend a treatment center full time, he or she may want to consider participating in an inpatient substance abuse program. These are residential programs that structure the entire individual’s time around activities designed to help achieve or maintain sobriety. If an individual can’t go to a program full time, there are also many excellent but shorter programs available. California drug rehab is one way that individuals seeking to rid themselves of substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction can change their lives for the better. Making the decision to participate in a California drug rehababilitation program may be one of the most important decisions a person ever makes. With determination, and with the support of professionally trained staff offering help in a structured environment, lasting sobriety can be achieved.