Substance abuse is a growing problem faced by every segment of our population today. While it is true that substance abuse is widespread, there is hope for change among those individuals who are willing to seek treatment. The first step in ending a life defined by substance abuse is to recognize that there is a problem. Next, an individual needs to become willing to work on the problem. It is at this point that many individuals reach a stumbling block; although they want to change their lives, they don’t know how to go about it. A California drug rehab program can be very helpful at this juncture. California drug rehab programs are geared specifically and exclusively towards helping individuals end their lives of substance use, abuse, dependency, or even addiction. These programs offer a wide variety of treatments to address not only the actual substance abuse problem, but also the related problems that go hand in hand with a life that has been controlled by substance abuse. These kinds of problems may be in the arena of personal relationships, or they may be related to the individual’s performance at work. Whatever the problem may be, these treatment centers can help solve it. A person who has reached the stage of willingness to address a problem with substance abuse can benefit greatly from the support of a California drug rehab program. A newly sober person needs constant direction and encouragement if they are going to succeed in the struggle to maintain sobriety. These treatment centers can provide both the direction and encouragement needed. Treatment centers do this by providing a supportive atmosphere, and by employing staff that are specially trained in the area of addiction problems. California drug rehab has the potential of changing lives for the better. Individuals can move from lives controlled by substance use, abuse, addiction, and dependency to lives free from the problems of substance abuse. Participation in a California drug rehab program may be the step that the person needs to take in order to stay the course to sobriety. Taking advantage of this kind of treatment may be the most important thing a person can do to change his or her life for the better.