Thousands of people come to southern California every year hoping to fulfill their needs and goals. It's a great place to take 30,60, 90 days or 6 months and heal your mind, body and spirit from the trauma of alcohol or drug abuse. Serenity is everywhere you look in southern California. At SoberRecovery, we’ll help you find it within you.

California Drug Rehabs

California has always had a reputation for innovation and trend-setting based on a willingness to go beyond conventional methods. This holds true in the field of alcohol treatment and drug treatment as well. California offers a variety of drug treatment options ranging from 12-step methodology to holistic treatment to Christian Treatment and other faith-based tracks. California has so many options for Alcohol and Drug Treatment. California has become a mecca for alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation. With year round sunshine, local art culture, world-class surf and over 1,000 12-step meetings a week, the south Orange County area in particular encourages a “one-day-at-a-time” atmosphere. This provides a draw for the highest trained professionals in the recovery field. There are a range of treatment centers that offer affordable, effective and comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment programs. There are centers with a non 12-step core, holistic therapy, 12-step models, luxury treatment and affordable treatment settings as well as dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. Recovering from addiction requires a complete transformation of mind, body and spirit. This is more easily accomplished in a calm environment that encourages serenity. SoberRecovery lists many places where one one can find California Drug Rehab California is one of many places that offer a beautiful place to get sober.