It is often difficult for a person who is suffering from drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction to understand the seriousness of his or her situation. Many people who are substance abusers believe they have their habits and their lives completely under control. Others may see a different reality, and may want to help, but don’t know how to offer effective assistance. In this situation, California rehab may be able to provide guidance in navigating the tricky waters of substance abuse and the issues related to it. California rehab most often comes in the form of treatment programs, or it may be offered at specially designed and dedicated facilities or centers. These resources are available for anyone who is trying to understand the causes and cures for substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. Trained professionals who specialize in addiction science often staff these centers or facilities, and treatment programs often employ individuals with similar professional backgrounds. Both centers and programs provide continuous, positive reinforcement and encouragement, elements that can be critical to making a successful transition from substance abuse to sobriety. California rehab works best when the individual him or herself approaches the center or program of his or her own volition. Individuals who are willing and able to participate in their own recovery stand a much better chance of making permanent, positive changes in their lives. Others can benefit from treatment as well, though, and should under all circumstances be encouraged to attend treatment of any kind. It is often the case that exposure to alternative choices can, in and of itself, be beneficial to the substance abuser, who may not otherwise know what options he or she has. Participation in California rehab can have the salutary effect of quickening the journey towards sobriety, and can help ensure that, once reached, sobriety will become the permanent state of the former drug or alcohol addict. California rehab uses the best practices, including professional support and constant encouragement, to help those individuals who want to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. These individuals can and often do find their way to better, sober lives.