Once considered a sign of weakness, drug and alcohol addiction is today recognized as a serious medical condition. One of the benefits in this change of attitude is that it is now possible to find many different kinds of help and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Rehabilitation programs, often called rehab, are a popular and effective method of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. California rehab centers are among the best in the country, and should be seriously considered by those trying to free themselves from the downward spiral of addiction. California rehab is available in many different forms. The most common are in-patient and out patient rehab. In an in-patient setting, those seeking treatment live in a facility designed to support sobriety on every level. All daily activities are geared towards treatment and healing; in fact, most in patient treatment centers ask participants to agree to remain in the facility for at least one month with no other outside commitments while they are establishing their sobriety. Drug and alcohol treatment can also take place in an out-patient setting. Out-patient treatment in California rehab centers is less restrictive than in patient treatment. In out-patient treatment centers, participants travel to the center for designated activities, such as group therapy, randomized drug testing, or one on one counseling sessions. Out-patient rehab is often most appropriate for those who are unable to move or leave their employment for extended periods of time. It may also be thought of as a first step towards sobriety; the person participating in out-patient treatment should always remember that more intensive in-patient treatment is available, if necessary. California rehab is an excellent tool for breaking the cycle of drug or alcohol use and abuse. This kind of treatment recognizes that lasting freedom from drug or alcohol abuse requires coordinated effort. Through the dedication of the patient, the support of the trained personnel, and the conducive environment created by the center itself, positive results can and are often achieved. Anyone who is seriously considering quitting drugs or alcohol should seriously consider California rehab.