Drug and alcohol abuse are problems that face people across the nation. There is no place that has not felt the individual and societal effects of these kinds of addiction. Different places have tried different systems for dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Some jurisdictions respond by criminalizing drug and alcohol use, some have tried to ban drugs or alcohol completely, and some have tried to staunch the problem by offering affordable and readily available rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addiction. California falls into this latter category. In fact, California rehab is one of the most successful modes of dealing with the pandemic of drug and alcohol abuse. California rehab is notable for its wide variety of treatment options. California has a vast array of treatment plans for citizens to choose from. California offers both residential and day treatment programs, male and female specific treatment programs, treatment programs designed for teens and young adults, and even treatment programs for those suffering from multiple addiction issues. In addition to these categorical choices, citizens can also choose from among many different treatment models. For example, some treatment centers base their care on the 12 step philosophy of addiction, while others use more traditional psychoanalytical models of care. Treatment centers in California strive to provide as many options as possible. These centers recognize that different people will work better in different environments, and that different people will respond best to different kinds of therapy. In addition to the variety of treatment available in California rehab centers, most of these treatment facilities offer accommodations or sliding scale fees for those who have limited, or even no, income. This does not, however, affect the standard of care and treatment offered. All care givers and care-giving facilities are held to very strict standards of training and performance. While there is no definitive answer as to which method of dealing with alcohol and drug abuse is best, California rehab does show signs of providing real and lasing relief from the problems of addiction. Using a California rehab facility is a very positive step along the road to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse.