Center For Addiction Treatment: When It’s More Than Just The Drugs Or Alcohol

When you are in a center for addiction treatment there is more than just the drug and alcohol addiction that is at the core of the problem. Once the drugs and alcohol are removed from your system and the physical addiction is removed you still have the mental addiction, the emotional addiction, all the things that make you want to use drugs or alcohol to deal with your problems.

3 Month Rehab: Learning About Who You Are

Learning about who you are and why you abuse drugs and alcohol is all part of the 3 month rehab process. Some people really don’t know a lot about rehab and therefore have no idea what to expect when they enter. Detox and a lot of therapy both group therapy and one-on-one therapy sessions are what the rehab process is all about. The other part of rehab is preparing you for recovery and for the possibility of relapsing once you are done with rehab and on the outside.

Family Treatment: When Both Mommy And Daddy Have To Go Away

Family treatment can be hard on the kids when your kids are already a mess because of you and your spouse’s alcohol or drug problem. Usually, when both parents are alcoholics or drug users it’s really hard for the kids to deal with life. They are going out of their way to cover for their parents so much so that they become the parents. They also go out of their way to be perfect and as a result develop a lot of anxiety. They feel that if they put on a good enough show everyone will believe that they feel as good as they are acting.