Leaving Addiction Treatment And Starting Over Whenever a recovering addict leaves an addiction treatment program there is always a bit of trepidation. They are ready to get back to their life, their home, family and bed and yet they’re nervous they may slip up. They know they’ve hurt a lot of people with their addiction program and they’re ready to make things right but they can’t get rid of that nagging voice in their head that tells them they can’t do this. Visiting Your Friend At A Center For Addiction Treatment There are definitely some things you should be aware of before visiting your friend at a center for addiction treatment. Your friend is at a very vulnerable place in their life. You will not be able to see them until they’ve gone through detox and a least a few days of group therapy and counseling. They may be hostile toward you when you do visit, even mean. They may also beg and plead with you to get them out of there. They will say they don’t belong there and promise you that they will never drink or do drugs again. Affording A Drug Treatment Program Some addicts know they need help. They don’t need an intervention or a friend of family member to tell them they have a problem. They are ready all on their own to get the help they need. The only thing that’s holding them back is finding a way to afford a drug treatment program. If they don’t have health insurance this is going to be tricky and even with health insurance they may not have the funds to pay the deductable. They can talk to the rehab and see if they can enter on a scholarship or work out a payment plan for the part they can’t afford.