An interventionist is a healthcare professional who assists families, friends and employers who are struggling with an individual's addictive behavior.  This may include drug and alcohol addiction as well as gambling or sex addiction, eating disorders and other compulsive behaviors with unhealthy consequences.  The interventionist will facilitate a group meeting with the goal of getting the self-destructive person to admit that a problem exists and seek treatment.

When choosing an interventionist, one of the most important factors to consider is experience.  An interventionist who has a solid track record of successful interventions will have a good understanding of the issues that can arise when planning and staging an intervention.  The interventionist should be prepared to discuss his or her history of interventions related to the addictive behavior that is being targeted.  The interventionist must inspire trust.  Family members and friends should be comfortable with and able to put their trust in the interventionist.  Full confidentiality about the nature of the intervention must be exercised and the privacy of all those involved must be upheld by the interventionist.

An intervention often takes place under a time constraint, with the addicted individual needing help as soon as possible.  An experienced interventionist is able to step in, evaluate the situation, and then help family members decide who should be involved in the intervention and when it should be held.  Whenever possible, the interventionist should be local and should be available for consultation as needed.  The interventionist should be familiar with different treatment options and with several different treatment facilities.  Once the intervention is completed, many interventionists will accompany the addicted individual to a predetermined treatment facility.  Some interventionists also conduct a debriefing session with those who have participated in the intervention.

The fees for an intervention can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.