If you are wondering about cocaine addiction that you or someone you love may have, then this article should be useful. This can be one of the most damaging drug in someone’s life. Being a very powerful narcotic, it can enter the blood stream very quickly and effects can be felt in a few seconds. The rush that ensues and high that is felt is both mental and physically addictive. The heart rate increases and reflexes and attention is enhanced and focused. Many individuals begin using this drug socially but, it can quickly form into a daily habit.

One of the main concerns to have with a cocaine addiction is that it is very destructive to the nervous system. The influence of the narcotic may not be initial felt, but in the long run, the body can’t sustain the powerful rush that is given. The heart is a muscle and when this drug enters the bloodstream, it also enters the heart causing it to work harder and in turn beat faster. This faster beating isn’t like an elevated heart rate from exercise, in which the entire body is manufacturing endorphins and adrenaline. It is an artificial high and the body remains passive while the heart rate increases to alarming levels. Many individuals can suffer from a heart attack by using this drug.

Many people think that they can’t get a cocaine addiction isn’t addictive or has detrimental concerns on the body like other drugs but, this is entirely false. Many individuals can become addicted to this drug after using it only one time. Due to the stimulation and high that is felt many people feel that it enhances their life and is a productive as a social intoxication. By feeling mentally connected to the drug the addiction can be heightened. The body as well as mind connects together with the influences of the drug and it makes treating addiction complicated.

Connecting with trained professionals who have previously dealt with cocaine addiction is something you should consider. Due to the unique nature of this narcotic special treatment options are usually available. Withdraw from the drug can cause severe mental and physical side effects. You should be in a supportive environment when trying to detox from cocaine. Afterwards, it helps to have resources to help you sustain your sobriety. For many individuals, this isn’t the only drug that they may be addicted to. It’s important to stop using all drugs at this time because; even smoking marijuana can cause a relapse. Good luck on your journey to recovery and sobriety.