Choosing a Cocaine Rehab

[spacer size="20"] Cocaine rehab facility selection takes a little bit of homework, if you've come to the conclusion that it’s time to place a loved one into it's care. Different centers have different philosophies and methods by which to help cocaine addicts. Spend time researching the facility to ensure you're selecting the right one for your situation. Learn about the facility's philosophy. Kicking a long-term cocaine habit is difficult and uncomfortable. Keeping that in mind, find out how the rehab facility supervises the drug detox process.. Do they use a natural, holistic approach with dealing with the discomfort or do they use a different, lesser addictive drug to slowly wean the patient from cocaine. Find out about the staff to patient ratio. Does the rehab center have an adequate ratio whereby your loved one will receive specialized personal attention and supervision or will she be included in a group atmosphere with more group interaction and less one on one care. Check out the rehab center surroundings. A cocaine drug rehabilitation center located in the scenic peaceful setting on the beach in Hawaii is much different than one located in the heart of a large metropolitan city. The location itself is secondary to the quality of the facility, but keep in mind what may work best for your loved one. Familiarize yourself with the post patient program. Once the cocaine drug habit is kicked, and your loved one has completed the drug rehab program, find out what type of support system is offered as a post patient care program. A newly clean cocaine user runs the risk of a relapse once she leaves the rehab facility. More than the support of the family, she may need ongoing support from trained professionals or other individuals who have walked the same path and managed to stay sober. Consider the cost. The price for placing a loved one in a cocaine rehabilitation center is not cheap. Before writing off a rehab facility because it's too expensive, check to see if any or all of it is covered by an existing insurance policy. Contact Cocaine Anonymous. They may be able to offer much needed advice for selecting the right treatment facility for your loved one.