Are You Looking for a Crack Cocaine Treatment Center?

Crack, the prepared freebase version of cocaine, is probably the most addictive drug ever known. Because the rush comes quickly, has a very high peak, and subsides quickly, the compulsion to use more and more is much stronger than with drugs that have a shallower pleasure curve. This push toward addiction, combined with crack’s relative cheapness and easy access, had made crack the most pervasive drug in lower-income areas. The effects of crack addiction are primarily psychological. Cocaine psychosis symptoms include severe depression, paranoia, hallucinations and formication (the sensation of insects or snakes crawling under the skin.) These symptoms can cause erratic, violent and suicidal behavior. There is an especially high risk of overdose when using crack, partly because it may be adulterated with other substances, and partly because smoking rather than snorting or injecting the drug makes it difficult to estimate how much is being used.

Getting the Addict to a Cocaine Treatment Center

Sadly, if you are reading this, chances are good that you are not the addict, since crack addicts are seldom able to take such a step for themselves. If someone you care about is in need of treatment, it might take an intervention to get that person to a cocaine treatment center. An interventionist can recommend a facility that has expertise in treating crack addiction. Detox will be necessary in almost all cases. Since the purpose of an intervention is to get the addict into treatment, you must make arrangements with the cocaine treatment center before staging the confrontation. Financial arrangements should be taken care of, the addict’s belongings packed, and transportation arranged. You’ll find a great many resources regarding intervention and treatment centers on our home page. Click on “interventionists” under “Key Links” for a list of options.