The process of ending a problem with drug dependency can be a long and arduous one. It is often a process that individuals with substance abuse problems find hard to even begin, let alone finish. The difficulties first arise during the very first step that needs to be taken to end a substance abuse problem. Depending on the substance the process can be different, but, as an example, cocaine withdrawal is the first step that needs to be taken in order to end an addiction to this substance. Cocaine withdrawal is the process by which an individual rids his or her body of the actual substance; the phrase also refers to the side effects of this process. It is often the side effects that individuals find so daunting. There are many horror stories about the physical, mental, and psychological difficulties people face during this stage. It can, in fact, be painful to stop abusing a substance, as the body and mind have come to depend on it for their functioning, but the end result, sobriety, is well worth the efforts entailed. Because of the difficulty of this process, it is often helpful for individuals to seek additional support from outside sources. There are many reputable programs that can help individuals weather the storms of cocaine withdrawal and detox. By participating in such a program, an individual has the benefit of professional guidance by experienced therapists or counselors, and also has the benefit of pursuing their sobriety in a supportive and encouraging environment. With these two benefits working for them, individuals often have more success in their struggles with substance abuse. Cocaine withdrawal is a difficult and often frightening prospect, one that can deter any individual from trying to end a life of drug abuse. Since it is a necessary step, however, individuals who are serious about ending their substance abuse problems would do well to take advantage of the services available at cocaine withdrawal treatment facilities. It is worth every effort to get through this stage, as reaching the ultimate goal of sobriety will be a life-changing experience for any individual who has struggled with substance abuse.