Persons who are laboring under the burden of drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or even addiction may be discouraged from making healthy changes in their lives because of the daunting task of ridding their systems of their substance of choice. There is no doubt that eliminating a foreign substance from the body is a difficult and sometimes even painful process, even if the substance is an unhealthy one. The early stages of sobriety are known by the name of the substance, and the process of removing it from the body. For example cocaine withdrawal is the process of removing that substance from the former user’s system. The difficulties associated with cocaine withdrawal should not be a deterrent, however, as ending drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction can be the start of a better life. The symptoms associated with ending substance use and abuse can be handled, especially with the proper support and treatment. It is important for a person seeking to end substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction to be in the proper environment. The proper environment can greatly increase the chances that the individual will be successful in getting through this first stage of the process of sobriety. Another important aspect of overcoming the obstacles presented by cocaine withdrawal is having the proper support throughout the process. There are treatment facilities and other therapeutic interventions that can greatly reduce the stress and difficulty of this delicate and challenging time. Trained staff and sometimes specific treatment regimes can ease the transition from a life of substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction to a life free from the problems of substance abuse. Cocaine withdrawal can be seen as a testing ground; if an individual can make it through the rigors of cocaine withdrawal, they are very likely to succeed as they progress through the other challenges of recovery. Being in the right kind of environment and having the right kind of support can increase the chances of successful passage to a life of sobriety. The challenges presented by the process should not deter an individual seeking to change his or her life for the better, as the substance-free life that is waiting for him or she is well worth the effort.