To relieve pain and as a suppressant for cough this common drug, Codeine is widely used in the field of medicine. This narcotic analgesic is available only by prescription, although some people manage to get a hold of it without a prescription. As a medical drug, this substance is controlled, due to the ability to be addictive. It is used recreationally as well and can be extremely addictive.

About Codeine

Codeine comes in a variety of preparation, including pills and liquid form. Many users use it because it gives a feeling of euphoria. Although this drug requires a prescription in the United States, in Mexico and other countries it is easily acquired without a prescription. Many people use codeine with alcohol, and whether it is abused with alcohol or used alone, it can cause a variety of bad effects upon the body.

Effects of Codeine Abuse

While codeine abuse can give a feeling of euphoria and happiness when it is used, it has many negative effects as well. Some of the effects that occur with codeine abuse include confusion, lack of motor skills, dizziness, and restlessness. In extreme cases and when people overdose on this drug, it can depress the respiratory system, cause kidney damage, and it may even result in death as well.

Getting Help with Codeine Addiction

Unfortunately, many people find themselves addicted to Codeine. Not only is addiction to Codeine a physical problem, but it is a psychological one as well, and if you are addicted you will need professional help to overcome this addiction. It is important that you understand that your addiction is truly a problem, and then you need to make the choice to get help. Professionals in this field can help you with a variety of different drug rehab programs that are available for free to withdraw from Codeine addiction.