The decision to enroll one self at a Christian drug treatment center is undoubtedly a positive step towards leading a normal life and regaining normalcy. With the mushrooming of several drug treatment institutions all over the world, it has become quite easy to access useful information pertaining to the various kinds of programs run by these institutions. In present times this has become singularly important because adequate information about the programs run at the different rehabilitation centers helps in making a well informed decision. Drug addiction is a psychological disorder that can occur at any age. It is not merely a state of physical degeneration but also gradual mental loss. It is mostly accompanied by stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. The addict becomes so heavily influenced by the substance that he withdraws himself completely from the outer world. His extreme dependence on the drug makes it nearly impossible for him to stay away from it for a long duration. As a result, his life slowly gets out of control and the addict finds himself in a state of perpetual disaster. Considering the psychological aspect of this kind of addiction, the first and foremost step involved in any form of medication has to be boosting the lost self confidence. It should be remembered that a drug addict is always in a vulnerable situation where he does not even realize the massive harm he is causing to himself and to those close to him. He begins believing that he will not be able to survive without drugs. This is a myth that needs to be shattered to make the addict believe that it is indeed possible to avoid drugs forever. More importantly, this reasoning cannot be done in a manner that appears to force the addict into believing this. Instead the explanation has to be in a casual and friendly tone. At the drug rehab centers, skilled doctors, physicians and counselors are skilled at this. These professionals have several years of experience in dealing with such patients. Therefore, they are equipped with several tried and tested programs that fetch immediate results. At any reputable Christian drug treatment center, various programs are initiated and implemented to verify each program’s effectiveness in meeting the requirements of individual drug addict. At the core of all programs is the objective to enable a recovering drug addict to control his urge and be able to lead a normal life. There are a number of treatment programs and methodologies that are commonly used at most drug rehab centers. Some of the most prevalent forms of drug treatment programs are counseling, therapies and medication. The most important form of program which has been in practice for several years now is behavior therapy. A number of psychological techniques such as support groups, counseling and family therapy are included in this form of treatment. However, for the success of this kind of treatment it must be noted that this treatment has to be rigorous and stringent. This means that the patient has to be on a comprehensive treatment module to be able to benefit from it. In addition to the behavior therapy which is basically a psychological mapping of the recovering drug addict, many drug rehab centers also lay equal emphasis on providing medicinal assistance to the patients. For this, it needs to be mentioned that the success and effectiveness of the treatment depends on the duration of the treatment. In most cases, it has been found that those patients who put up at the rehab for a longer duration of time recover faster than those who stay there for a brief period. In all cases the doctors at the rehab centers provide clarity on the expected duration of the treatment after reviewing the medical history of the patient. So, a patient with a severe drug problem is usually recommended to put up at the center for a longer period of time in comparison to someone who has become an addict recently. Some of the programs offered at the drug rehab centers require the patient to come for regular or routine checkups while in some other cases the patients are asked to reside within the premises of the center to get medical attention. There are therapeutic communities where the patients are put up in groups and offered medical facilities. These programs are meant exclusively for those who have a long history of drug addiction and have been unsuccessful in getting rid of this addiction. To cater to the individual requirements of each drug addict, many well known drug rehab centers have modified their treatment programs in recent times. They have been focusing on implementing modern methods of treatment to provide permanent solution to the drug problem. Yoga instructions and meditation have been some of the most effective ways to curb the urge to do drugs again. Courtesy of Transformations Christian Treatment Centers