Recovery Sober Time


How Sober Time Can Help

Counting days without a drink, drug, food, sex, gambling, etc are essential only to the individual first who is recovering one day at a time from an addiction. It gives a confidence, probably for the first time or a great current achievement to gaining ground on a new facet of life. In the beginning of any recovery, it's essential to mark the progress and build some momentum numbers. Early on, this does demonstrate that recovery is possible and to separate it from being a "fluke", doing over and over again. At some point, for the individual counting sober time will not be that important as he / she undergo a transformation which ultimately change their life. So the question is, "Should a person continue counting days of sobriety?" Probably not daily, but from time to time it's a good barometer to gather the numbers of days to share to a group and reinforce that long-term recovery is possible. Not a bad idea to keep a relatively known time of recovery in the pocket or purse. Sometimes in life, a blow or circumstance not favorable is dealt. To combat negative thinking, hopelessness and other detrimental characteristics, it's quite beneficial to have the progress indicator to glance at and remind oneself of tremendous change they have occurred for the good.

Using Calculated Time In The Wrong Way

Boasting and bragging to someone or a group about accumulated time in sobriety or recovery doesn't help anyone. It hurt the person boasting by elevating his / her ego and pride beyond common grounds. It would suggest they are better at overcoming a negative obstacle that brought everyone in a group in the first place. This would also cause a division or lack of support from them, because often enough "guarding" this sacred time will only bring on fear and panic if challenged with someone who doesn't have any time to announce. A person with long term recovery from an addiction or condition, only means that they stopped that particular habit and not necessarily made a lifestyle change which compliments in recovery. Stop drinking for 30 days with bad behavior and this will leave the bad behavior without the drink. Imagine if this is done for years! So keeping the boasting and bragging away from the amount of accumulated time in sobriety will benefit all, to whom it's shared with. Find our easy to use calculator here