There are many different substances that can cause dependency. Drug and alcohol use, abuse, and dependency are social problems that only seem to be spreading and getting worse in every segment of society; different kinds of substances seem to appeal to different types of people. There is hope, however, of reversing this trend of drug and alcohol use, abuse, and dependency. There are many different ways to get help, and that help can come in many different forms. Even individuals who are abusing the harder drugs available today can change their lives, through programs such as crack addiction treatment. Persons in the grips of substance abuse need to first realize the extent of their problems before they can start making positive changes in their lives. Being addicted to harder drugs can make it harder to break the cycle of drug abuse, but with the proper kind of help, it can be done. Crack addiction treatment is aimed specifically at people who are abusing this particularly potent and dangerous substance. With the right kind of help, it is possible to stop abusing and start living a sober life. Because of the unique qualities of this substance, it is particularly important to seek targeted assistance in quitting its use. Crack addiction treatment differs from other kinds of drug or alcohol therapy because it focuses exclusively on the problems encountered by those who have been using this substance. There are many different issues that can be presented in substance abuse cases, and so it is important to focus only on the ones that are relevant to the substance that is being abused. Crack addiction treatment offers this kind of focused help. Good programs will employ professionals who are specifically trained in dealing with the germane issues. Good crack addiction treatment will also provide the individual seeking help with a caring and supportive environment at all times. These two elements alone can help make the difference between success and failure along the road to addiction recovery. If a person is dedicated to changing his or her life, he or she can do it, provided they have the right tools to help change their good intentions into good and tangible results.