Finding the strength and courage to end a pattern of substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction may be more than one individual can do alone. Giving up a substance addiction can seem to be an impossible task, one that the individual may not even want to undertake. If, however, this individual does overcome his or her initial hesitation, he or she should take advantage of the help available at one of the many detox centers that are successfully helping substance abusers reclaim their lives. Using this resource can make the difference between living a life of substance abuse and living a life of sobriety. Detox centers are specifically designed and dedicated to the work of achieving sobriety. They are available in many different locations, and can offer many different kinds of treatment. For example, individuals can choose to participate in residential treatment, meaning that they live in the facility for as long as is necessary to achieve to sobriety can choose an Inpatient Substance Abuse Program. An individual could instead choose to come to the facility for outpatient treatment, and take advantage of either one-on-one or group therapy. Individuals should visit several detox centers so they can get an idea as to what form of treatment works best for him or her. These facilities do share much in common, but are all different in the exact nature of their treatment procedures. That is why it’s important to try out several variations before making a final decision to commit to one form of treatment over another. Individuals should expect, however, that each facility will be staffed with well-trained professionals, and that each facility will provide an encouraging supportive environment. Detox centers are helping hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals overcome their problems with alcohol or drug abuse, dependency, or addiction. With the help available at drug detox centers, individuals can and often do permanently shed the stigma and difficulties associated with substance abuse. Willing individuals who participate fully in their treatment are well on the way to new and better lives. Finding and following through on the help available can make the difference between winning and losing the battle against substance abuse.