Ending a life of drug abuse may be more than an individual can do on his or her own. It will be particularly difficult for a person who has a long history of substance abuse, or for a person who has been using addictive drugs or alcohol heavily. If any individual wants to change his or her habits, however, it is possible. It is often easier to change these habits with the help available at detox centers. Individuals who are serious about making the positive change from substance abuse to sobriety should seriously consider the help available at these kinds of facilities. Detoxificaiton centers are facilities that offer treatment for all aspects of addiction. There are many different kinds of addiction treatment available. The treatment available will depend on the program itself. For example, some programs may be religiously based, while others may focus on the issues that are specific to adolescent substance abusers. Whatever the angle of the treatment, all of these kinds of treatment programs will offer the assistance of well-trained staff, and will provide constant support and encouragement. Finding the right kind of program is essential to the success of any attempt to end substance abuse. Because there are so many different kinds of detox centers in operation, it is very important for individuals to visit as many as possible before deciding on a course of treatment. Finding the right fit between the program and the individual makes success much more likely than it would be if the individual was not fully comfortable with the treatment method, of if the treatment method didn’t address all the individual’s specific needs. Once the individual has made his or her choice from among several detox and rehab centers, it is important that he or she follow through with the treatment plan as soon as possible. Starting treatment quickly ensures that the individual takes advantage of their own initial resolve, and it leaves less chance that he or she will succumb to doubts or old habits of substance abuse. Detox centers are ready and willing to help individuals change their dreams of sobriety into reality.