Addressing a problem with drug or alcohol use, abuse, dependency, or addiction can be a difficult and challenging proposition, one that is filled with doubt and anxiety. Individuals caught in the cycle of substance abuse may not know how to continue their lives without their substance of choice, and so may be very reluctant to change. They may also fear what they have heard about the process of quitting substance abuse. The first stages of withdrawal from substance abuse can indeed be daunting, and may even painful. Detox centers can help individuals recognize and overcome their fears. Rehab and detox centers are specifically designed to help individuals through the most difficult first stages of withdrawal from substance abuse. Individuals who participate in the treatment offered at these facilities will have the constant support and encouragement of professionally trained and caring staff, and will be in an environment that is specifically designed to promote successful sobriety. With these tools at their disposal, individuals are much more likely to be able to weather the hardships that often accompany the earliest stages of sobriety. Getting through these first stages of withdrawal from substance abuse is one key to success in the later stages of sobriety. Because the beginning process is so difficult, getting through it can give a substance abuser the self-confidence he or she needs to continue along the road to sobriety. Detox centers can make the entire path of sobriety easier to tread, as it smoothes that first and most difficult transition out of substance abuse and into a sober life. Once the initial difficulties have been overcome, individuals will be much more likely to want to continue towards sobriety. Participating in the treatment available at detox and rehab centers can help individuals who want to end their patterns of substance abuse turn their good intentions into good results. Once an individual experiences the positive changes detox centers can help bring about, he or she is more likely to be spurred on and encouraged to continue his or her pursuit of sobriety. Taking this journey towards sobriety is well worth every effort, as the reward at the end of the road is priceless.