Effective Detox Programs

There are a number of detox programs designed to help free the drug or alcohol addict from physical addiction. Among these, the medical detox programs are the most sought after treatment. Medical detox uses prescription medications to help the addict through the withdrawal process. There qualified physicians have access to the newest medical facilities in order to safely effect and monitor the patient’s recovery. These medical programs also combine medical and holistic approaches for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Non- Medical Detox

Another effective detox treatment is the non-medical program. The majority of drug rehab centers offer non medical detox treatment for addicts. In most cases, these sorts of programs prove to be more effective than medical detox programs. These non medical detox treatments use nutritional alternatives, IV, and natural therapies to bring the addict through the withdrawal process. Both of these detox programs are extremely sophisticated and perform various tests to evaluate the patient’s condition. Another type of detox, bio detox treatment, is the most complete type of detoxification and can sometimes take weeks or even months. Appropriate nutrition supplements, vitamins, better diet, and work outs are introduced into the patient’s routine. Many physical ailments can be completely reversed by this method, and this form of detox program helps prevent cravings for all kinds of addictive substances. The psychological programs provided at the rehab or the counseling centers offer mental support. This support is imperative for the addict in recovery, as he or she will undergo numerous behavioral and emotional changes during treatment. The counselors assist the addict and create changes in the way he thinks and behaves.

New Detox Program

Numerous learning models are also presented as a part of detox program in order to help the addicts enhance their self control with a fusion of counseling and study along with practical learning exercise. These detox treatments are the first step in showing the addict how to live a healthy and happy life.