A Detox Program Fights The Disease Head On A detox program takes the addict and sequesters them from everyone and everything until the toxins that are in their body that are a direct result of alcohol and or drug abuse or both are removed. Once that happens, the second phase of the addiction treatment process is put into place. Now the addict can join the rest of the people in rehab who have gone through detox in group therapy sessions, games, dining, etc. Extending Your Stay At An Addiction Center If you entered an addiction center for thirty days and your thirty days are about to be up but you don’t think you’re ready to leave just yet, you can ask the rehab to extend your stay. Most people go for thirty, in extreme cases some people go for ninety days. It really all depends on what you and the rehab think you need and what your insurance will pay for and what you can afford on your own. Some people are ordered into rehab for ninety days by a judge. Being Honest During Your Drug Treatment Program Some people lie during their drug treatment program and while they think they have everyone fooled the only person they really are fooling is themselves. Most counselors have been doing this a long enough time to know when an addict is being straightforward and when they are lying through their teeth. They may not call the addict on the lies but they may try to catch them in a lie by playing along. Eventually, the truth does come out. The longer the addict talks, the better chance they have of slipping up and saying something honest.