Drug Addiction Center: Sometimes Just Talking First Before Entering Helps

If you have an addict in your life that you’ve been working to get into a drug addiction center but they haven’t entered yet continue to talk to them about it. If they are talking to you chances are they believe some of what you say and think that there might be a bigger issue at hand. If you can convince them to at least meet with the staff of a rehab and talk to a counselor to see what the counselor thinks about their relationship with drugs and alcohol then you are making progress.

Addiction Alcoholism Treatment: When It Fails

When addiction alcoholism treatment fails it’s not so much a failure on the institution always though there are things to take into consideration. For one, while you should expect it addicts do slip. For whatever reason they fall off the wagon. Some addicts weren’t really ready for rehab the first time. They didn’t hit their rock bottom. Other times there is more going on than just the addiction progress. For example, an addict can be suffering from mental illness and not even know it causing them to relapse.

Addiction Therapy: After A Hard Day Of Therapy

After a hard day of addiction therapy it’s normal for an addict to retreat, to pull away from the group and everyone around them. They are talking for the first time about some really painful memories, memories that they are going to have to deal with without the help of drugs or alcohol. Before when they had a bad day or had a fight with someone or someone said something that hurt them they ran to the bottle. Now there is no bottle and they can’t dodge these bad feelings and memories anymore. They have to deal with them.