Few People Succeed With Drug Addiction Treatment Their First Time

So, let’s say you’ve been through drug addiction therapy programs before and they didn’t work. Or, maybe you’ve never been to a drug addiction treatment center but you have a feeling it won’t work for you. The truth is that drug addiction therapy programs don’t work for anybody if they’re not ready, no matter how good the drug addiction treatment center is. Only you have the power to continue your recovery one day at a time, the same way someone suffering from any other chronic illness must make a daily decision to take their medications.

Drug Addiction Treatment Is A Decision You Have To Make For Yourself

No one can force you to get clean and sober. There’s no judge, spouse, family member or friend who has the power to tap a magic wand and cure your disease of addiction. Maybe these people can impose rules upon you to curb your addiction; but, the final decision must come from within you for it to be successful. Drug alcohol treatment is only as strong as the patient’s will to recover. So, if it didn’t work for you before, perhaps you weren’t ready for recovery. Many people are forced into drug addiction treatment, which is why many people don’t succeed on their first try in a drug addiction therapy program. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you know now that you want to give recovery from addiction another shot. Even in cases where people have relapsed back to drug and alcohol use, they frequently learned so much about their addiction while in rehab or recovery that they can now admit they have a problem.

Many Addicts Attend Drug Addiction Therapy Programs More Than Once

For all addicts and alcoholics at RecoveryNowTV, it is not their first time trying to get their life back in control again. No one wakes up from their first hangover and decides to enter drug addiction treatment. People who come here have usually suffered through long years of addiction. We give you the tools to succeed, along with a supportive atmosphere in which to grow and learn.