Seeking Alcoholism Treatment

Many people have hang-ups on 12-step recovery methods because this is perhaps not their first time seeking drug addiction treatment or alcoholism treatment. Maybe they’ve relapsed and decided that it was the 12 Steps that failed them in recovery—rather than their unwillingness to follow the methods and use the tools available. That’s OK. People seldom succeed their first time with any treatment program; it takes constant effort and tinkering to be successful in recovery. Get back on the horse and try again. Think of it like chemotherapy: sometimes the first or second course of treatment doesn’t work; but maybe it’s the third course of treatment that does eradicate the disease once and for all.

AA And Alcohol Addiction

While the original 12-step recovery program, Alcoholics Anonymous, was designed to treat solely alcohol addiction in the 1930s, its methods have expanded from alcoholism treatment to include drug addiction treatment as well. Actually, there are now 12-step programs to provide support for addictions to shopping, sex, food, and many more. Also common is the feeling that 12-step programs are cults. Well, that is not a discussion we’re going to bother with in this small amount of space. But, does it really matter any which way? If it works—and it has, for millions of addicts and alcoholics all over the world—then who cares if the meetings seem strange? It’s helped others recover from alcohol addiction, and it can work for you, too.

A New Drug Addiction Treatment

RecoveryNowTV—like most alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in Southern California—has found 12-step recovery methods to be very helpful in maintaining sobriety and practicing recovery. While there are many other methods available, the 12 Steps are the most successful methods of alcoholism treatment and drug addiction treatment. Unlike many other rehabs, however, RecoveryNowTV provides its patients with more than just 12-step recovery methods. To treat drug and alcohol addiction, RecoveryNowTV has created a ground-breaking treatment structure, incorporating massage, acupuncture, peer therapy, 12 Steps, equine therapy, as well as art and music therapy. Our treatment methods heal your mind, body and soul so that you may once again enjoy a happy, healthy and free life.