A Drug Addiction Therapy Program For Men

Let’s face it: men and women have their differences in many aspects of life. The key to a successful drug addiction therapy program is accepting that there are certain factors in drug alcohol treatment where men differ from women. Men are more likely to have a criminal record when they enter a drug addiction therapy program, and this is something that needs to be addressed so they may live a normal, healthy life after leaving a drug alcohol treatment center. Also, male addicts have frequently lost their spouses or custody of their children.

Men In Drug Alcohol Treatment

We’re not sure why, but it’s obvious to addiction treatment professionals and laymen alike that men become addicted to substances at a higher rate than women. There are more men than women in prison due to drug offenses; more men in drug alcohol treatment centers; and more men in recovery programs. Even in cultures where alcohol is strictly forbidden by law for both sexes—as in many Muslim nations—addiction still attacks men at a higher rate than women. RecoveryNowTV addresses gender factors on a case-by-case basis so that our patients may heal old wounds and step into their futures with a clean slate. We have special drug & alcohol treatment to help you overcome family issues, past physical trauma, and experiences with law enforcement.

A Family Treatment Program Heals Wounds

The RecoveryNowTV family treatment program treats and rehabilitates the entire family, which is commonly needed after the man of the house becomes addicted to substances. Often, our male patients’ families have completely reversed their normal familial roles as a result of addiction. The children may be taking care of the parents, or a housewife may have had to find work to support her addicted husband. Our Orange County drug addiction therapy program settles these family issues through in-depth counseling and family treatment program sessions. Only after family issues have been uncovered and addressed can the family unit recover. A recovering family is necessary for a recovering addict. Only in this type of home environment can he flourish into a productive and happy man once again.