Drugs are a curse. Alcohol is a curse. Combined, drug and alcohol addiction has the power to ruin lives and families. Although the condition is so destructive, those afflicted and their families often live lives of denial until some ultimate crisis forces them to admit that there is something terribly wrong. Sometimes the individual, sometimes the family--usually both--act as if the whole situation will just go away if they just pretend that everything is normal.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation starts now..

But drug and alcohol addiction is not normal. The only thing that can save the addict is drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It is usually at that point close to hitting bottom when the addicted individual begins the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that will save his or her life. Sometimes it is too late in the course of an individual’s life, and it is after the addict has destroyed all his familial relationships, leaving behind a string of sad and shattered associations. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the one thing that will give that individual to fight the disease of addiction. Sadly, by the time the individual arrives in treatment, alcohol has already destroyed portions of the individual’s brain and liver; drug abuse has also destroyed physical organs such as the kidneys; the affected individual is a walking time bomb of self-destruction with a sick chemistry that is practically irreversible. It takes a complex approach and immersion in drug and alcohol rehabilitation to give the individual the medical, physical, therapeutic and social support in order for them to get past the withdrawal, and learn life skills as well as an ongoing lifestyle that will enable the addict how to survive without drugs and alcohol.