When preparing for a drug intervention for a loved one, you might be surprised by the number of elements that you have to pull together to make the event work. In fact, a drug intervention can be so daunting that many people choose to work with professional drug intervention specialists to help guide them through the process. Whether you’re doing it on your own or working with an interventionist, here are the important elements that most professionals recommend having:

  • Create a core team of three to five people who will be the primary organizers and speakers at the drug intervention. Choose one or two from this group to be the leaders.
  • Make a list of how you and other people at the intervention have tried to help the addict in the past, and discuss why those methods didn’t work.
  • Write letters to the addict detailing how the addiction has caused you hurt and explaining why you have chosen to take this step. These letters will help you organize your thoughts ahead of the drug intervention, and you can read them aloud or give them to the addict if you choose.
  • Make a list of treatment options for the addict. Be sure to make note of how much they cost, how long they take, and what type of treatment they offer.
  • Gather information about local support groups, including meeting times and group philosophies.
  • Prepare a suitcase just in case the addict agrees to go into treatment right away.
  • Create a plan for the event, which should include the order in which everyone will speak.
  • Try to anticipate potential objections that the addict may give to seeking treatment, and come up with supportive and non-confrontational ways to counter these objections.
  • Go over the logistics for the drug intervention. How will you make sure the addict doesn’t find out about the event in advance? Where will you park your cars? In what order will you arrive? How will you get the person there? These issues may seem small, but they could be crucial to the event’s success.