The Time Has Come for a Drug Intervention

When someone close to you is caught in the downward spiral of addiction, it may be very difficult for that person to recognize exactly what is happening to his or her life. People with substance abuse problems are living in denial, making promises to themselves and others that they can’t keep. When heart-to-heart talks haven’t helped, a formal drug intervention may be required. Preparation is key to a successful drug intervention. Use the resources available on our website to find an intervention specialist. You will then gather together a group of people who care deeply about the addict. You will rehearse the intervention process at least once, making sure that everyone knows how to proceed.  Appropriate things to say during an intervention are:
  • How you feel about what’s happening to the addict.
  • How his or her actions are affecting you.
  • A clear statement that you will not tolerate drug use any longer.
  • An explanation of the consequences for continued use.
The intervention counselor will help you identify objections the addict might make, and help you learn how to respond to them.

The Goal of a Drug Intervention Is Immediate Treatment

When confronted, the addict may make sincere promises to stop using, but this cannot be accepted as an outcome. The goal of intervention is to get the addict into treatment without delay. Therefore, you must have made preparations before beginning the intervention. The treatment center will be expecting him or her, payment arrangements have been made, transportation prepared, and even a suitcase packed. A drug intervention is a difficult and painful process both for the addict and for those who participate in the confrontation. However, that anguish is well worth it if the result is a person you love finally freed from addiction.