Drug Programs in California for Teens

Teenagers, as a group, are particularly vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. The combination of peer pressure with all the social and psychological issues that surround adolescence creates a “perfect storm” that leads to substance abuse as a means of both entertainment and escape. For some, drug use is a social thing, and does not develop into a serious addiction. For far too many, however, the euphoria and release from stress are dangerously attractive. Adolescence is a time of great stress and personal pain, and it’s little wonder that the escape provided by drugs is so often sought. More and more teenagers are using illegal drugs, and using at an earlier age. In recent years, there has been a particular emphasis on “party drugs” used at raves, such as ecstasy, ketamine and rohypnol. Marijuana use is widespread, and heavier drugs such as cocaine and even heroin are being used by people as young as twelve. Because of the very specific stresses and issues that accompany adolescence, specialized drug programs in California devoted to treating teens have become common. Residential treatment serves to remove the teen from his or her usual environment, thus limiting the accessibility of drugs and removing the influence of other users.

Wilderness Drug Programs in California

Wilderness drug programs in California offer a specialized form of treatment that has been found to be particularly useful for adolescents. After any necessary detox procedures, teens go out into wilderness areas in small groups, accompanied by one or more counselors. By learning to fend for themselves, clients develop a wide range of life skills that will help them resist the lure of drugs. They learn to rely on themselves and their own judgment, and they also learn how to use teamwork and trust others. Wilderness programs have a high rate of success, and can offer a life-changing experience to the young drug user.