The 12-step recovery model is the most recognized method of success in sobriety. Most people have heard about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) but not everyone has heard of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). NA is derived from the 12-step basis of Alcoholics Anonymous that is based on the idea of reliance on a Higher Power to relieve the obsession of drug addiction and alcoholism. This is achieved through working the 12 steps. People who are in recovery for drug addiction may be better able to relate at drug rehab and Narcotics Anonymous meetings than Alcoholics Anonymous. While the principles are the same, the discussion topics are different. AA generally discourages discussion of drugs at meetings geared toward the nature of alcoholism. When researching drug rehabs to attend, it’s a good idea to ask if there are Narcotics Anonymous meetings available to attend.

Do Drub Rehabs offer Narcotics Anonymous?

While most drug rehabs introduce the 12-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous, not all drug rehabs offer Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Networking with members of NA can help provide a peer support system where members share their experience, strength and hope overcoming drug addiction. Someone who had a terrible heroin habit may be better able to relate to a speaker who shot up with needles rather than a shot glass. Many drug rehabs have their own group therapy sessions for processing and this may be enough support to encourage individuals to share their own stories. However, introducing Narcotics Anonymous during drug rehab may help to instill the important practice of attending meetings following drug rehab.  Narcotics Anonymous provides a forum for sharing experience, strength and hope in conjunction with drug use, which unless prescribed, is illegal.

Narcotics Anonymous after Drug Rehab

Drug rehab lays the foundation for recovery, but it’s just the beginning. Recovering from drug addiction is a lifelong journey and it helps to have group support and role models along the way to encourage abstinence. Finding this support following drug rehab and Narcotics Anonymous can make the difference between a successful recovery and returning to a drug habit following drug rehab. Introduction to Narcotics Anonymous during drug rehab can make a big difference. As of 2007, NA had over 25,000 group meetings in 127 countries and membership continues to grow.